Website with real-time football statistics

Online Platform with Football Statistics 

  • The online platform generates real-time data and statistics of the ongoing football matches from various competitions: live scores, real-time rankings, scorers.
  • In addition to the classical information provided, this platform also give relevant data in the online betting process for both bookmakers and users like past results, teams timing, probabilities.
  • The design of the website displays intuitively the most important information from Home Page having a similar structure of the livescore.com or flashscore.com platforms.
  • Read more about the similar project we have, soccerkeep.com, from XFactorApp portfolio.

LIVESCORE Platform - Soccerkeep.com


Real-time statistics

A match's scores, rankings and information are generated automatically based on the live event.

Betting tips System

Automatic betting generation based on the statistics provided.

Betting odds

Automatic betting pickup mode from the most important agencies in the industry.

Internal account system

The platform allows account registration, subsequent authentication and user activity history.

Modern and minimalist design

The platform has a minimalist design with interactive graphs for results and statistics.

Calculation algorithms

Statistics are based on a unique calculation algorithm for generating betting tips.


Low cost

The cost to develop such a complex platform is lower due to the fact that we already have the solution.

Low maintenance costs

The platform is developed on a custom framework so maintenance is easy and affordable.

Support and warranty

Benefit from our support throughout the implementation and after the project is completed.


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