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Mobile iOS and Android intelligent app designed to boost direct socialization between participants in public or private events. It offers advanced features such as creating an account with 2 business and private profiles, consulting the event agenda, viewing live participants, sending and receiving invitations, live chat, sharing photos.

Through the application, users can see event history or details about speakers and sponsors. A modern technological tool that improves conference management and participant experience in various meetings and activities. The application is a social product that anyone wants to immediately try out of necessity, amusement or curiosity.

It can be used repeatedly, with unlimited applicability, and helps users avoid unnecessary discussions on a social network with an account behind which they don't know who is hiding. The application offers versatility, being suitable for all types of events, both business/corporate and private. It has an attractive design, easy and intuitive to use. Organizers which are system partners can achieve real-time reports and statistics on the number of event participants and their full details. The product provides flexibility and easiness in managing the event, enabling those present to be permanently informed and connected to the rest of the participants.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Advanced features for users
  2. App adjustable to any type of event
  3. Compatibility with Android and iOS operating systems
  4. Professional, modern and intuitive design
  5. Possibility to pay by card or SMS via secured payment service
  6. Real-time reports and statistics for organizers
  7. Active promotion of sponsors throughout the event
  8. Uploading the application's activity schedule, changes, and updates in real-time that can be automatically seen by all participants
  9. Connect with participants via live chat


  • Flexibility and easiness in managing events
  • Accessing information on event agenda, organizers, participants, speakers, sponsors
  • Promoting direct socialization among users
  • Sending real-time questions to the speakers at the event
  • The competitive advantage of organizers over the competition
  • Attract a larger number of clients
  • Participants can set up meetings during the event to get acquainted directly
  • Customer loyalty
  • Developing new professional, personal or business relationships
  • Increase the benefits of participating in any type of event


This social application is a concept developed by the Social Club, a young and ambitious company that wants to accomplish the needs of all participants in public or private events. Transforming any activity into an interactive one, it offers the opportunity to be permanently informed about the program, presentations, and speakers. Social Club eliminates all barriers between people taking part in different actions and completely rewrites the rules of social life.

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