Online recruitment platform for employers and candidates

  • This WEB solution is ideal for companies that offer recruitment services for candidates and employers. It has been developed to meet the main business needs of a company in this field.
  • The platform centralizes all data related to candidates, companies, job ads, payments, orders or CVs and organizes them to be managed from an easy interface. The functionalities underlying this web solution are similar to those of the e-Jobs platform.
  • Besides the complex structure of the functionalities, the user interface can be visually stylized with any design desired by the client in order to provide a unique user experience.


Job Management System

The jobs are managed from a dedicated module, with the ability to be moderated, published or disabled.

Managing Candidates Mode

Candidates, along with their data and CVs, are centralized on the platform to track their applications across jobs.

Orders & Payments

The platform allows you to manage payments and orders by setting up payment packages with different options.

Accounts System

The accounts system allows to create candidate profiles or company accounts where recruitment ads can also be managed.

Content Management

The platform has a detailed content management module and home page widgets.

Documents Administration

All invoice and documents are issued and managed within the platform and automatically sent to the recipient's e-mail.


Warranty and Support

The project has a 6-month warranty and support.


The cost of the online platform is affordable, being a solution that has already been developed and tested for customers who are currently using it.

Custom Platform

Custom features can be developed in order to perfectly fit with the customer needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers for all your questions:



How do we start the collaboration?

After signing the contract and paying an agreed advance together, the client-company relationship will be managed by a project manager who will manage transparently all stages of the project.



How do I monitor the work process?

The internal task management application allows the client to access the XFactorApp platform, with the opportunity to view information on the stage of project implementation in the form of reports.



How long does the project complete?

Depending on the complexity of the application, the standard delivery time may range from 30 days to several months.



What happens if I want additional functionality?

Additional features not included in the initial estimate of the project will be additionally charged on an hourly basis.

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